Are we stuck?

On 2nd May 2021 we left La Coruna “like pros”. We first left the pontoon, then refuelled and after that we set off to Portugal. The sea was also nice for 2 hours just so I could “sunbathe” for the photos then the wind picked up and it started heeling a lot so I decided to go to sleep (as I decided that I was on a night shift again). I preferred night shifts because you can see stars and you don’t see how big is the heeling.

I woke up at 3 in the morning on the other side of the bed as my sea sickness was getting a bit out of hand. The waves had gone bigger and my ears were starting to feel it. I sat on the stairs looking at the horizon (to feel less sea sick) and also keeping an eye on the AIS. Then at 5 am I went to sleep until 10 am, still feeling tired. Maybe I was beginning to hallucinate but I think I saw a shark for the 1st time. A wave came and soaked the soul out of me and I decided to go inside.

The next day, when we saw Lisbon at 4 o’clock, we were listening to music on my phone. I tried to call the marina in Sesimbra 9 times but they didn’t answer. My dad suggested that we could stay there for a night but my mum and I insisted that we wanted to see his brother so we carried on to Sesimbra. As we arrived in the small fishing Portuguese town it was getting darker by the second until we reached the marina in complete darkness. We started looking for free spots but we didn’t see any so we decided to anchor for the first time.

We struggled to anchor and finally we succeeded. Then we stayed on 3 hour shifts: my mum was 1st, then I was 2nd and my dad was last. I was woken up 1 hour early!!! A grumpy Andra was then given the news that the anchor wasn’t coming up. It was stuck…